Makey Makey

Today some of us year 6 digital leaders went to Northampton university to do Makey Makey.

What is Makey Makey?

We are happy you asked . Makey Makey can be used as an alternative to keyboards. You would use different types of matireals ( conductors ) and attach the wires to the object you’re using.

First we got off into groups with one person from each school. After that we would go round in a circle and got to know each other. Next we chose our group names and some of them were really crazy like (red musical unicorns, debuggers and code crackers). Then off we went to start experimenting with lots of different materials to make a digital game using scratch. We used play dough, coins, water, bananas, apples, gummy sweets, tin foil and tins. We had to use or skin and a piece of metal, that would control the game. After that we all came up with some ideas to show to everyone at the end.


It was a really fun thing to do and if you get an chance to be a digital leader, I would take it. It’s an amazing thing to do. You get to meet new people.

Lexie, Mya, Ethan, James

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  1. Digital Leading is really fun. This is the second time I’ve been Digital Leader and it is a great opportunity to help people in this school with technical stuff and help the younger children and even the older children to stay safe on the internet. If you love computing, you’ll love Digital Leading

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