4 thoughts on “Online Safety

  1. i want to be a digital leader because i love helping people and i love ipads and compters and i would love to help people with the ipods and compters

  2. I would like to be the digital leader because I’m always telling someone I trust to see if I have to do something on my phone

  3. I would like to be digital leader because I would like to help others to keep safe and know what to do. I do not wan’t to be bossy any time soon because I’m Renee whats the point of being bossy any way. also to help others understand to use a computer and understand what words mean.

  4. Dear Ms Redly
    I would like to be digitial leader because I will help with presantation and such other things like frozen screens help and safety and logins.If you do not choose me I understand.

    Yours sincirely Emna Debez
    Thank you

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