Trip to Microsoft Headquarters in Reading

Today we had an early start as we took 15 of our digital leaders to Microsoft in Reading. We joined the other digital leaders from NPAT schools and headed off.

Microsoft Headquarters

When we arrived we were taken into a room and had a quiz about Microsoft

We then spilt into two groups

The children were given an object that they had to design in a 3D art programme on the surface and had to market the item and give a presentation at the end.


Our object was a pair of glasses


The other group were also given a Surface to work on and had to design a piece of furniture for the future.

They then had to present their design to the other children.


We then had our lunch outside as it was a beautiful day


In the afternoon we went back into our groups the first group used a micro:bit to design a mask and learnt how to programme the lights to switch on and off.

The other group also used the micro:bit to programme a design to make out roads safe outside of school.


The children worked very hard during the day and throughly enjoyed the experience.


We would like to thank Paul Dredge our ICT Technician for organising the day for the digital leaders from NPAT schools.


Microsoft is a fun place to work at and we would love to have some areas like this in our school.

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