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This is a great space to wax lyrical about what you hope to achieve with your blog. Write it with your children so everyone is clear whether you are aiming for just the sky or are shooting for the moon. Any rules, values or expectations can be agreed and slipped in here too.

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  1. Digital Leader – Joshua -year 5

    I liked it because it is more like a story than just doing a lesson that is on its own. It’s good for year 1, 2 and 3 because the robot is colorful and friendly and is a good character in the story. I was frustrated the second time as it just started the story again.

  2. I am micheal i would like to be the digitalleader because i know how to use almost know how to use all of the consel and computers and the internet.

  3. I am micheal and i thinck i will be a great digitalleader because i almost know how to use every electrical thing even the websites if i get chose i will be so happy If i don’t i will cry.

  4. Im samuel richards i would love to be a digatal leader?.I know alot about techknowlogy.I would swet if i got chose?.thank you so much if you choose me i will help the children who need help fighting virusis or bugs by the way im in year 3 ?. I love you school❤️.please choose me it would be great. I wouldnt be bored?.I love school i woud cry if i got chose? I would tell my familly? I would enjoy my food???????????????????????????????????????????yay anyway computers are very lagy with?????️??♿️??????Ⓜ️➿ we digatal leaders dont want this? Well we do want this no? If i get chose my heart would go crazy ❤️?????❣???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ By sam in year 3 thx .

  5. Hi I’m Sam I think I would be great being digital leader again and it would really make me happy to help others.computers can be hard to work and they sometimes lag or freeze or crash and if you get stuck I’m the person to help you thanks for reading and trust me with computers bye

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