Digital Conference

What a wonderful opportunity for the children to work together today! The seven academy schools were given a great opportunity to create a vision of digital leadership in each of their schools. They were creative in using a number of tools from the Office365 application (Teams, Sway and Forms), supporting each other to develop their skills and working collaboratively to share what they had learnt.

Digital leaders

Class teachers are currently looking at all your brilliant applications to be a digital leader and those that have been selected will find out in the next few days.

I would like to thank all of you who have applied and hope you will continue to support you class teacher and all the members of your class.

A big thank you from Mr Whitfield, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Timmis and all the teachers.

Technical Revolution

Given the massive changes in technology in the last 100 years the Digital Leaders have been asked to complete a whole school survey on the use of technology today, how young people communicate digitally and what forms of entertainment are used online.

Have a look at the digital revolution from the perspective of a childs Grandad.

Internet Safety Day

Today is internet safety day and all the children have been learning about why it is so important to give nice comments on line and report anything that they feel worried about. It is amazing the amount of access our children have to the internet: from laptops to tablets, from texts to chat rooms and from Xbox live to Playstation 4. Please feel free to look through the assembly PowerPoint and watch the Youtube



Rainforest coding

Our new group of digital leaders have been trailing a new programme called Rainforest Coding. Furthermore, they have been supporting the younger children to access the programme with the purpose of asking their views on its benefits and how we can use this to learn how to code. We have asked for feed back through the blog. Have a look at the responses.