Exploring Purple Mash

Our Digital Leaders are trialling and evaluating Purple Mash for the next few weeks. They have already designed some games of their own and quickly worked out how to use the coding program.

Digital Leaders – leave me comments below about how we could use Purple Mash to enhance learning at Ecton Brook. Mrs Norris

Remember – login onto My School and find Ecton Brook, then Admin and NN3mash. Enjoy!



Minecraft Instructions for Teachers – Update!


Check out our instructions in the replies below and have your first go at building a creation in Minecraft.  The instructions are very clear and are a good guide to get you started. Enjoy!


Your challenge this week is to write a set of very basic instructions showing teachers how to use Minecraft to build something simple.  Imagine you have never seen Minecraft before and it is completely new to you.  We have the Pocket Edition at school so instructions for this would be best but if you have a different version at home that will be brilliant too.  I look forward to reading your instructions and will try them out on a few teachers too!

See you next Thursday at 12:00.  Mrs Norris

Rainforest coding

Our new group of digital leaders have been trailing a new programme called Rainforest Coding. Furthermore, they have been supporting the younger children to access the programme with the purpose of asking their views on its benefits and how we can use this to learn how to code. We have asked for feed back through the blog. Have a look at the responses.






New Digital Leaders

We now have two new digital leaders in each class, and had our first meeting today on Ecton Brook Campus.  Our first task is to think how we could use Minecraft in lessons across the curriculum.

Post your ideas as comments below and remember that we have lots of different subjects that we learn about at school. I look forward to reading your ideas. Mrs Norris 🙂